Thursday, November 30, 2006

Zoho Writer

It was quite cool. I think it would be handy to use in tandem with a blog, since there are more formatting options and it is a bit more user friendly as far as adding pictures, etc. than the actual blog websites are.

However, I don't see web-based applications replacing software such as Microsoft Word anytime soon. People on slower internet connections would be at a major disadvantage. Also it seems that is would be easier to lose a document that you are working on due to the browser crashing (as mine often does) or other annoying glitches.

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arvind said...

Thanks for using Zoho Writer and writing about it!

Zoho Writer auto-saves your content every 45 seconds and so you shouldn;t be worried much in case your browser gets crashed.

And we recently came up with a plug-in for Microsoft Office which would allow you to work with your documents both online and offline. More on this topic at our blogs.

Keep using Zoho Writer and do check the other Zoho services too at