Friday, December 8, 2006


Hooray, I'm done!
I really enjoyed the image generators and LibraryThing, which I still have not done anything else with. I also liked looking at YouTube because the Holiday Hawk commercial is still funny.

One thing I did not like was having to sign up for 3 million different accounts. It was rather annoying.

I think I would do this again, since it was a way to kill time when we are slow and I might win a free laptop.


Net Library is quite a handy thing. I don't really enjoy audiobooks at all, but I can se ehow someone who does would really like this service. The layout is very easy to navigate, however, their collection seems a bit limited, especially as far as youth materials goes.


I'd never really used podcasts before. I added one to my bloglines about Lost, my favorite TV show. I found that a lot of the directories had broken links, or else succeeded in confusing me to death. It took my several tries to find a podcast I could actually figure out how to add to my account. I think I've got the hang of it, now. :)

Podcasts could definitely be used for by libraries. Adding book reviews, etc. to a library website could be a very useful tool for patrons.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

You Tube

I love You Tube! There is all kinds of great stuff to be found. My favorite, however, has to be the Holiday Hawk commercial for Sierra Mist. Just do a search for "holiday hawk" and it will come right up. Classic.

You Tube can definitely be used by libraries. Ours already does! :D

Thursday, November 30, 2006

So the website I explored was They are a t-shirt company. Users submit designs, which are voted on, and some are actually made into t-shirts. It's quite fun to vote on designs and it's especially exciting to see a design you like made into a shirt. I have been a big fan for a while, everyone needs to go and buy a shirt from Threadless! Though, I can't really see any application to libraries. :)

Zoho Writer

It was quite cool. I think it would be handy to use in tandem with a blog, since there are more formatting options and it is a bit more user friendly as far as adding pictures, etc. than the actual blog websites are.

However, I don't see web-based applications replacing software such as Microsoft Word anytime soon. People on slower internet connections would be at a major disadvantage. Also it seems that is would be easier to lose a document that you are working on due to the browser crashing (as mine often does) or other annoying glitches.

Wikis again!

Adding to the wiki page was totally easy. A child could do it. :) I also learned about some other books I might like to read on the favorite books page. Hooray!